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  • 08.08.2016

Audio Recording Application allows recording unlimited time sound tracks and saving them into a device memory. Recording takes place in a convenient – wav format for further conversion. ‘My Records’ has a simple and intuitively clear interface which allows to begin a recording right after the launch. This application is a perfect alternative for built-in dictaphones due to the low recording quality that they usually provide.

Key project features:

Sharing with friends

With ‘My Records’ application there is a function of uploading a recording to a cloud such as Dropbox, Google drive etc. or sending it as a message.

Easy to run and navigate

The application provides simple records management. The users can easily reproduce, delete or share any audio record from the list with their family members, friends or work buddies.

Unlimited recording time

Normally, the recording time in built-in dictaphones is very limited. With ‘My Records’ it is different because an audio record lasts until the device memory is full.

High speed of recording

In order to start the recording a user only needs to click a single button. This makes ‘My Record’ application irreplaceable in the work of a journalist or a reporter.


Project benefits

This app is easy to run, it has an intuitive navigation, it allows to easily reproduce the sound record and share it with friends. The record quality is better than in a standard app for Android OS.

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