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Portfolio Description

The QR decoding is an application for decoding one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes. Using the mobile phone camera and a QR Master a user can quickly scan and decode basically any data contained in the codes. The QR decoding application includes the functions of autofocus, instant recognition and automatic decryption which makes its work extremely fast and highly accurate.

Key project Features:

All types of QR codes

We constantly update the library of QR codes which allows for the QR decoding application to recognize any user request.

VCards recognition

Except for the regular QR codes, the QR decoding application codes can also recognize VCards, which allows for saving phone numbers and business cards into the phone or tablet memory.

View of scan history

The QR decoding application allows viewing the previously scanned QR codes and keeping the important information safe.

Contacts in the QR code

The QR decoding application has a function of calling a contact or sending a message directly from the list of the scanned results.


Project benefits

With the QR decoding application the users can easily scan and save any contact or necessary information, which will make the application an irreplaceable helper for the work with QR codes and VCards.

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