Portfolio Description

Photo Editing & Management Application

Project description

This  application lets users dive into the atmosphere of a photo booth and get an excellent collage in a retro style. For the lunch the users should only click “start” and begin taking a photo, or uploading a photo from a gallery. The application will form a collage our of these pictures in a black and white style and save it in the memory of a device. The users will be able to easily view ready-made collages in the gallery of the application.

Key Project Features:

Sharing in Social Networks

With the help of only one button there is a possibility to post a photo in social networks or send it by a personal message. The Photo Editing & Management Application provides access to photo sharing in the cloud storage.

Personal Collage Creation 

Thanks to the function of adding a photo from a device gallery any user can select all the required photos and make a wonderful collage out of them.

Using a device camera 

To take photos both a frontal and basic camera of the device can be used by the Photo Editing & Management app user. This allows turning simple selfies practically into original retro-style portraits.

Two photo orientations 

Photo Editing & Management Application supports two photo orientations. Thus the user can run the application in the orientation that is convenient specifically to them, either it is a portrait or an album version.

Project Benefits

Simple and intuitively clear navigation throughout the Photo Editing & Management Application. An ability to open previous pictures in a gallery and share them with family and friends.


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