Portfolio - Mobile Loyalty Application

Portfolio Description

The Mobile Loyalty application allows  users to acquire discount coupons and find out about all the promotions that are held by a particular chain of restaurants. With the help of geolocation function a user can find the closest restaurant to them. The application is specifically designed for mobile devices on iOS, Blackberry and Android which helps reaching even more users. Complete functionality of the Mobile Loyalty application is available once a short registration procedure is finished.

Key project features:

Products & shops settings 

An administrator of every restaurant branch can independently set up their menus and products. In addition they can collect statistics and create reports on coupons sales.

Promos & coupons settings 

In the Mobile Loyalty Application personal settings of coupons and promotions allow configuring promotions not only for all the network but also for each separate restaurant individually.

Viewing of reports

In the Mobile Loyalty application there is a useful function of reports creating on promotions, coupons as well as collecting statistics on coupon sales.

View shop on Google map

For the ease of use the entire chain of restaurants is marked on the map which allows for the users to determine which restaurant is the closest and which time is the best to visit it.


Project Benefits

In the app a few features were developed. Among them are a Push-notification notifying users about events in a restaurant and a Reports-generator for administrators informing them about coupons sales.


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