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Taxi application

Taxi Application¬† has been developed to provide passengers and taxi drivers with a simple and clear service. A passenger will launch the app, log in and mark the location on the map where they need to be picked up. All the drivers based nearby will see the passenger’s order and will be able to take it.

A client will get the info about the vehicle whose driver responded to the inquiry, and will be able to call a driver for details or cancel the order. Once the driver is close to the requested location, the passenger will get a notice on the arrival. If the driver can’t make it, the passenger may renew their order.

Key project features

PickMeUp Location

Letting the driver know where to pick you up is easy! Just mark your location on the map and if you know the address of the place, you can start entering it. Then select your location from the proposed options.

No cancellation fee

With this application a user gets a possibility for an order to be cancelled at any moment of time. Both a passenger and a driver can do it without paying a commission before the order goes through. All you have to do is call and cancel your order.

Passenger Notifications

For on-the-spot informing about the changes of an order status passengers get push-notifications describing the details about order updates. If any activities should be done to the order when the notification is received, it can be performed with one click.

Ability to pay in cash

Once a trip is over a passenger pays for the trip in cash. This allows a driver to get a the money for a completed order at once,  without additional commissions from a taxi service or for cash withdrawal.


Project Benefits

The application is clear and easy-to-use, provides live data about orders, it’s useful for both taxi passengers and drivers and allows switching between the modes by clicking the button.


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