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Portfolio Description

The English Learning app is designed for everyone who would like to study English. A variety of complexity levels and a clear interface allows working with an application to both type of users: with some basic English language knowledge and the beginners. The material within the application is divided into a few subsections, which enable moving from one task to another, gradually mastering the English language. In addition there is also a function of testing results viewing., taking mistakes into account and working on them. The users can view their answers right away or upon test completion.

Key project features:

Tests and other tasks

Doing exercises in the form of a game makes the process of the English language learning more fruitful, exciting and fun.

Audio-visual flash cards

All human beings have a few types of memory therefore a visual and a sound data presentation are combined within the English Learning application for the best perception of data.

Socialization function 

In the English Learning application the users can share the link to the app or the audio record of their pronunciation in the social networks.

Work in offline mode 

In order to use the ‘English Learning application’ the users don’t have to connect to the Internet therefore it can be used anywhere at any place. This allows learning the English language non-stop.


Project benefits

The ‘English Learning app’ is adapted for mobile devices and works offline, which allows doing different exercises and taking tests without connecting to the Internet at any time and at any place.




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